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The pace of live streaming software and technology development is accelerating relentlessly. Read more on our blog to hear some of our customers' stories and see where the future of this industry is headed.

LiveSwitch Powers Couple.TV, the First Ever Live Online Reality Dating Show

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Shocap Entertainment and LiveSwitch Partner on Mixed Reality Circus Funded by Epic Games

Surrey, BC, March 28, 2022– LiveSwitch announced it has partnered with Shocap Entertainment, the groundbreaking live entertainment and cross-reality production company, to help..

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Extend LiveSwitch Server applications with these top community developer tools

When we set out to share LiveSwitch with the world, we had one vision in mind: to provide WebRTC developers and DevOps teams with the most flexible live video solution for the..

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Everything you need to know about LiveSwitch and testRTC

Scalable WebRTC testing is critical for any virtual event platform that wants to establish reliable, high-quality connections every day. Streaming reliability can no longer be an..

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End-to-End Encryption: The Past, Present and Future of Security

End-to-end (E2E) encryption is a bit of a buzzword these days. Everyone wants it and every company is jumping into the ring to claim that they have it. It makes sense. Who doesn’t..

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How Can I Use SIP with WebRTC?

If you’re asking this question, then chances are you either have an existing SIP infrastructure and are looking for a way to interconnect with WebRTC-enabled endpoints, or you..

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How to Successfully Scale Your WebRTC Application in 2021

“How do I scale this?”

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Diagnosing Network Problems with WebRTC Applications

What happens when a video call works perfectly in one environment, but degrades rapidly in another? What about an audio call that sounds good most of the time, but occasionally..

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WebRTC NAT Traversal Methods: A Case for Embedded TURN

The way we communicate through the internet has changed dramatically. In order to avoid issues with interoperability in peer-to-peer video conferences, developers need to have..

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