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Esports Solutions

Build the Future of Gaming.

Find new revenue streams, engage with your fans, and build interactive features into your gaming and esports experience with the most flexible SDK on the market.

Level Up Your eSports Platform.

Securely build gaming experiences for your audience, with unparalleled flexibility and scale. Built on WebRTC, LiveSwitch's SDK supports many devices and is Unity Engine-ready.

ls-sdk-logomark  LiveSwitch SDK fully supports:

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For more platform and device support options, please
talk to a LiveSwitch Expert about your requirements.


Enter the LiveSwitch Zone.


Audio Stream

Provide crystal-clear voice chat inside your web, mobile, and native apps for more efficient communication.


Video Stream

Embed real-time video chat into your web, mobile, and native apps for a fully-integrated experience.


Data Stream

Share all kinds of rich data inside your livestream session, such as 3D coordinates data and depth.


Ultra-Low Latency

Create more immersive gaming experiences with .01 sub-second latency on your video, voice and data transfer — no more lags.


Introducing the

Fan Wall


A game-changer in the live event space. Leverage LiveSwitch's cutting-edge technology to create a Fan Wall where you can bring your audience together allowing them to cheer for their favorite players in massively interactive live events. Show the fans to the world. Get sub-second reactions in real-time when in-game events happen.

Watch Demo

Shocap™ leverages LiveSwitch Video Stream with Unreal Engine to create in-game video placement within their virtual events using sub-second motion capture.

Build the Next Big Thing.

Develop a cutting edge game experience, with LiveSwitch video, audio, and data streams built into your esports ecosystem. From building a native concert experience to embedding real-time gamer/user video to allowing fans into an esports match—make your game stand out from the pack. 


LiveSwitch Real-Time Remote Casting is your solution to getting your casters the game feed and their commentary back with ultra-low latency for your broadcast.

VIP Experiences, Watch Parties and Breakout Rooms.

Let friends watch together while being able to have live conversations (voice and video) about the match that they see at the exact same time. No differences in what content they are viewing, with WebRTC everyone sees the same thing at the same time.

Customers buy tickets or win VIP fan experiences with pro players and celebrities. Build in an awesome customer experience that doesn't feel like Zoom or Twitch.