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LiveSwitch Blog & News: Virtual Events

Extended Reality - WebRTC 2021

Reimagining Extended Reality (XR) with Scalable Live Video

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Building Multiparty VR Applications with WebRTC

The virtual reality industry has recently experienced a shift. What was once viewed as a predominately solo activity-centric experience, has become an avenue for developing rich..

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Spatial Audio Techniques for Enterprise VR Applications

Virtual Reality is a rapidly emerging technology that has the potential to change the way we interact and communicate with our world and with each other. With the global market..

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Solving the Zoom Fatigue Problem With Event Platforms

As remote workers face Zoom fatigue and distributed organizations struggle to recreate in-person events that bring employees together online, immersive virtual event platforms..

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Creating Social AR/VR Experiences: 7 Promising Multi-Party AR/VR Use Cases

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) holds tremendous promise for changing the way businesses and consumers operate and has the ability to transform nearly every..

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How Cavrnus™ built a flexible XR collaboration platform with WebRTC

Lauded as "offices of the future,” collaborative XR has continued to be an attractive, elegant solution to many complex organizational challenges, such as information retention,..

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