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LiveSwitch and Partner to Enable Effortless Virtual Workshops

Jackie Drumm Jun 27, 2022 11:41:37 AM

Surrey, BC and Raleigh, NC, June 28, 2022 - LiveSwitch announced their partnership with, a next-generation virtual workshops platform, to power the livestreamed video and audio in their customizable meeting spaces. is a virtual workshops facilitation platform that aims to make the online workshop experience mirror those happening in the real world by allowing participants to move their video avatar freely across a large virtual meeting space, find and engage other participants in conversations and re-group or leave at their own discretion. It allows for both ad-hoc conversations and facilitated, well-structured virtual meetings. 

The company chose LiveSwitch because they were looking for a live video SDK to help get the product to market faster and to leverage the power of WebRTC, the real-time communications standard that enables low-latency live video and audio streaming over web browsers, desktops and mobile devices.

“We did our due diligence and spoke with different providers,” explains Kai-Uwe Rupp, co-founder of “But unlike others, we found LiveSwitch’s approach to finding the right SDK fit for our specific use case to be a breath of fresh air - especially for startups like ours that require a degree of flexibility,” Rupp added.

Thomas Krause, co-founder, also took note of LiveSwitch’s flexibility. “Our team was able to grasp the complexities of WebRTC easily with LiveSwitch, and learn to use and modify the API to meet our requirements,” Krause said. “It’s really good to see how flexible and well-supported the product is,” Krause added.

The LiveSwitch team found working with to be a great match. “I believe strongly that as we lean into the future of work, which will be dominated by remote and hybrid jobs, we should be making our virtual interactions more natural than a typical Zoom call,” said LiveSwitch CEO and co-founder Jerod Venema. “ is doing just that. Their innovation and effort behind making virtual workshops ‘effortless’ is exactly what virtual corporate events need right now,” Venema added. 

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About LiveSwitch

LiveSwitch is powering the future of interactive live video experiences. LiveSwitch’s enterprise-grade live video streaming platform enables businesses to incorporate flexible, scalable, and high-quality interactive live video, audio, and data on nearly any device. By using LiveSwitch’s cross-platform software development kits (SDKs), built on WebRTC, our customers have leveraged live video to enable groundbreaking applications in telehealth, virtual events, live entertainment, education, video conferencing, augmented reality, gaming, and more. LiveSwitch uniquely provides unrivaled security by offering an on-premises, cloud or private cloud solution as well as the flexibility that allows clients the freedom to develop and deliver innovative video solutions. Visit to learn more.

About enables organizations and teams to run effortless virtual workshops, achieving high-quality results in structured conversations. The web application supports moderators to structure the flow of virtual meetings and allows participants to have engaging conversations and collaborate. It assists with meeting flow control, so facilitators can refocus on group dynamics and guide participants to valuable outcomes. significantly reduces the barriers to well-structured meetings, hence enabling more companies to be prepared for a hybrid future of work. Learn more at