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Scaling WebRTC Testing - 2021

Scaling Platform Testing with testRTC: LiveSwitch Server

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LiveSwitch's Embedded TURN: Simplifying NAT Traversal

The way we communicate through the internet has changed dramatically. In order to avoid issues with interoperability in peer-to-peer video conferences, developers need to have..

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Scale Interactivity with LiveSwitch's WebRTC-Based Data Channels

The way data is communicated between WebRTC clients has changed, namely owing to the changing scale and type of data that is communicated in a WebRTC-powered application...

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Voice Detection with the Client SDK

    Voice detection is an important technique used in audio processing to help detect the presence or absence of human speech.  Being able to monitor and mute inactive speakers..

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LiveSwitch 1.3 Release - Featuring our New Configuration Console

LiveSwitch 1.3 has now been released and with it, we have added a powerful new configuration console that allows developers and DevOps teams to view and manage their servers,..

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