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The pace of live streaming software and technology development is accelerating relentlessly. Read more on our blog to hear some of our customers' stories and see where the future of this industry is headed.

The Rise of the Telehealth Industry

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Creating Reliable Telehealth Video Conferencing Connections: Best Practices

In a perfect world, every patient and healthcare provider would have access to a reliable, high speed internet connection, on powerful devices, at all times. However, given the..

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Scaling Telehealth Applications: Best Practices

While the concept of telemedicine has been around for over a century, using synchronous video consults as a way to facilitate care is a relatively new concept. Many healthcare..

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Essential Capabilities Every Telehealth Video Application Needs To Have

Building a specialized telehealth application with video streaming capabilities can be time-consuming and cost-intensive. The last thing any telehealth developer wants to deliver..

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Build or Buy: Why GuruMD opted to build their Telemedicine Video Conferencing App

When Texas natives, Clinton Osborn, MD, and Kassey Osborn, FNP-C, decided to launch GuruMD, a virtual medicine platform, they faced the same sort of questions that face so many..

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Telemedicine: How to Integrate Video with Medical Peripheral Devices

Telemedicine and the associated medical peripheral device industry is expanding and new technologies are coming on the market at an ever increasing rate. While this new innovation..

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