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The pace of live streaming software and technology development is accelerating relentlessly. Read more on our blog to hear some of our customers' stories and see where the future of this industry is headed.

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The Power of Data Channels

The LiveSwitch SDK is a powerful toolkit that allows developers to add a number of features to their applications. We have primarily focused on how developers can modify their..

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Video Call Mobile Layout with Pagination

As developers, we often put a lot of focus on making sure that a new feature, library, or idea will even work. This means trying the most simple and basic version of an..

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Adding Chat to Your Application

When you look at the different applications LiveSwitch powers, you will see that the focus of each application is real time audio and video. While that is a powerful tool and will..

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Customize Your MCU Layout

The LiveSwitch platform is a powerful and flexible tool. It can be deployed in a number of different ways and used to develop applications on a number of different development..

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Join a LiveSwitch Session with Audio Muted

When building a live streaming application, our first step is always to make sure that we can successfully stream our audio and video feeds from one device to another. While..

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WebRTC Insertable Streams After Decoder: Extract Timestamp

In this blog, we will show you another way you can modify incoming remote video streams. I will not be mutating the video frames in this example; instead, I will be logging the..

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Mutate Local Media with Canvas: Data Buffer Modifications

In this blog, I will be showing you an alternative to modifying your local media before streaming it out. In this example, we will use 2 canvas objects and a data buffer to make..

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