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The pace of live streaming software and technology development is accelerating relentlessly. Read more on our blog to hear some of our customers' stories and see where the future of this industry is headed.

Video Etiquette: Removing Attendees

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Disable Video on Poor Networks

We often take for granted just how connected we are in today’s world. From free WiFi in coffee shops to 4G and 5G cell towers spread across the country, there is almost always a..

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Change Bitrate on DownStream Connection

We live in a world surrounded by internet connectivity. From our computers, phones, and tablets to our thermostats, ovens, and refrigerators, almost every device can be connected..

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Audio Management for Android SDK

At LiveSwitch, we understand the importance of providing developers with the power to shape their applications precisely the way they envision them. Our goal is to offer a..

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Change Upstream Bitrate

It’s 9 AM on a Monday morning, you have already gone for a run, cooked breakfast for the family, and have a fresh cup of coffee sitting on your desk as you log in for a company..

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Custom Overlays

Whether you are a social media sensation looking to spruce up your video or running a custom business conferencing tool, it is common practice to add logos or additional content..

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Receive-Only Participants

When most people think of adding live video streaming to an application, they often think of video conferencing tools or the time they had a Telehealth appointment. While this is..

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The Power of Data Channels

The LiveSwitch SDK is a powerful toolkit that allows developers to add a number of features to their applications. We have primarily focused on how developers can modify their..

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Video Call Mobile Layout with Pagination

As developers, we often put a lot of focus on making sure that a new feature, library, or idea will even work. This means trying the most simple and basic version of an..

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