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Telehealth Innovators The Vet Connection, MedWand and MediPortal Join LiveSwitch

Jackie Drumm Dec 20, 2021 11:53:17 AM

Surrey, BC, December 20, 2021 – Healthcare demand for the LiveSwitch engine has continued to increase significantly as a result of the shift towards telehealth driven by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In recent months, LiveSwitch has signed contracts to support the virtual services of several telehealth providers, including MedWand, MediPortal, The Vet Connection and one of the nation’s largest cancer centers. Use of telehealth services is 38 times higher than before the pandemic, according to a 2021 study by McKinsey. 

LiveSwitch is a global provider of real time video communication solutions. The company provides a WebRTC engine that allows clients to add audio and video streaming, signaling, pub/sub messaging, chat and more to their applications. For its new clients in the healthcare industry, LiveSwitch enables:

  • Live video calling on MedWand’s award-winning, handheld telemedicine physical examination device.
  • Remote translation services for non-English speaking patients at one of the largest and oldest cancer centers in the world. 
  • Video telemedicine calls as part of MediPortal’s care management and patient engagement platform.
  • Video consultations between pet owners, pets and veterinarians through The Vet Connection’s white-label veterinary telehealth solutions.

“The pandemic created nothing short of a revolution in healthcare by driving demand for telehealth services through the roof,” said LiveSwitch CEO and Co-Founder Jerod Venema. “Like the movement towards remote work, increased demand for telehealth will go down in history as a lasting impact of COVID-19. Because of the strength of our technology and experience consistently meeting the stringent requirements for privacy and data security in the healthcare field, LiveSwitch has been one of the 'unfortunately fortunate,’ seeing huge growth as a result of telehealth’s expansion,” he continued. 

Even prior to the current boom, the company has a long history of supporting innovation in telemedicine. Other LiveSwitch clients in the space include Blue Cross Blue Shield, TytoCare, Maincare Solutions and Spectrum Medical, among others.