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Live Video Streaming and Web Conferencing API Features

Stretch the limits with live video.

Embed live video streaming and conferencing into your business and go further.

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Cloud Infrastructure

Say good-bye to headaches and overhead associated with hosting live video streaming on-premise.


Let your users experience ultra low latency live video without installing additional plugins or software.

Fully Cross Platform

Offer cross-platform support across all the devices, hardware, and browsers demanded by your users.

Complete Analytics

Understand your users' behaviours and check their performance in real-time to deliver better results.

Stream live video conferences on all platforms.

Reach your audience on their devices. Build for the platforms they use and extend capabilities and features across many more. Future proof your development process with a seriously flexible API.

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Connect anywhere. Easily.

Build your live video streaming application and let your audience connect seamlessly through a link on all web browsers, native apps, and supported hardware. No software or plugins needed.

Live Video Stream from Any Device with WebRTC

Let's get technical.

Let your development team customize your application from the broadest down to the most granular level and easily manage it all in one place.

Set custom channel ID patterns for features in your application, and enable video and audio codec support and bandwidth usage.

Live Video Streaming Audio and Video Codec Switch

Do more with webhooks.

Let your development team create, edit, and manage webhooks easily to bring another level of customization to your live video streaming application.

Use webhooks to trigger and act on messages between LiveSwitch Cloud and external systems. 

Add Webhooks to Live Video Streams

A rich API designed for ultimate flexibility.

Features that complement and enhance live video streaming.

Truly WebRTC

Spend less time worrying about how getusermedia, rtcpeerconnection, offer/answer, and icecandidates work and spend more time building great apps.

TURN Servers

Tap into the embedded TURN Server and automatically spin up one to handle complex NAT traversal.

Hybrid Dynamic Connection Types

Hybrid Connections 

Seamlessly switch between P2P, SFU and MCU connections within a single conference for optimal performance.

Media Pipeline Access

Access the Media Pipeline

Gain unprecedented API access to the media pipeline (eg. capture, encode, packetize, send, receive, depacketize, decode, display) to create powerful applications.

Video and Audio Source

Audio and Video Source Integrations

Capture audio and video streams from any device and integrate them into your application and workflows.

Webhooks Integration

Flexible Webhooks

Use webhooks to monitor and intercept messages at any stage of your eventing system.

Data Channel Broadcasting

Reduce upload bandwidth requirements when broadcasting data across multi-party conferences. 

End-to-End Security

Choose TURN-S, TCP/TLS, UDP/DTLS, and JWT-based authentication to achieve full security compliance.

Media Transcode

Media Transcoding

Intelligently transcode media into compatible formats that work on all devices and platforms.



Send media in different qualities simultaneously based on your users' bandwidth.

Bandwidth Adaption

Bandwidth Adaption

Provide the best user experience possible for your audience by adjusting their bitrate.

Rest API


Take control of the back-end of your video conferences with our powerful REST APIs.

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