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Bring your video

calls to life.

Create flexible connections and build better experiences with real-time video chat.

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Build relationships that last.

Tap into the power of live video conferencing for building rapport between co-workers, customers, family and friends. 

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Reclaim your time with live video chat.

Work more efficiently with custom video conferencing workflows. Build the streamlined video experience you want with LiveSwitch Cloud's highly flexible APIs. 

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Reach people in hard to reach places.

Connect with anyone around the world with quality optimized video conferencing that works in all situations and under every network condition. 

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Collaborate in your video conference.

LiveSwitch Cloud is a highly flexible, fully-managed CPaaS platform, capable of hosting large multi-party video conferences with advanced functionality.


Record and store any portion of your video conference.


Gain insight into your video conferences in real-time so that you can stay ahead of the competition.


Keep video conferencing safe with the highest levels of security including SSL, TLS, DTLS, with 256 bit encryption.

Platform Support

Connect to the largest range of browsers and platforms including Windows, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Safari, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux,  UWP, Java, Xamarin and more.


Experience optimized video in all situations and under all network conditions.

Cloud Based

Let us do the heavy lifting for you with a fully-managed, fully-hosted, scalable video conferencing solution.


Effectively share ideas and content with LiveSwitch's suite of collaboration tools.


Seamlessly embed the video conferencing capabilities you want into your application with LiveSwitch's flexible APIs. 

SIP Integration

Combine the ease of telephony with the power of video conferencing with easy SIP integration.

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Use Cases

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Telehealth Video Consultations

Securely connecting physicians with patients in video-enabled office visits is simpler than ever with LiveSwitch.  Easily integrate your existing infrastructure, EMRs and peripheral medical devices with your video workflows.

LSC - Customer service

Customer Service & Sales Enablement

Differentiate your customer experience by proactively solving customer issues and helping your consumers make informed purchase decisions through online video customer service.

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Recruitment & Workforce Management

 Tap into the global talent pool and streamline your interview process with video conferencing. LiveSwitch's stunning video quality will allow you to make the best choice for your next  hire. 

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