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Flexible video conferences.

Connect your video conference participants together across any devices, from anywhere in the world.

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Take video conferencing further.

Harness the flexibility of live video communications to go beyond barriers.

Build conferencing applications that empower your team, coworkers, friends, and families no matter where they live or what network connection they're using. 

Flexible Live Video Conferencing Communications

Fit your workflows.

Tailor your video conferencing to fit the needs of your organization and save time following up on video conferences.

Develop customized meeting features and backend integrations that work on every platform and device used by your team. 

Feature Packed Customizable Live Video Conferencing Solution

Unlimited video and voice chat.

Unleash truly unlimited low-latency video, voice, and data streaming in any quality, on any network, in the remotest locations.

Match your specific video conferencing needs with the flexibility and scalability of LiveSwitch Cloud's real-time connection type switching. 

Unlimited Voice and Video Chat For Global Teams

Redefine what's possible with live video conferencing.

Complement and enhance your live video conferences with LiveSwitch Cloud.


Record individual or all participant video streams and give your team access to it after the meeting anywhere. 

Transfer Files

Create customized file transfer workflows between devices, browsers, and backend systems that work on any network. 


The highest level of security - SSL, TLS, DTLS, and 256 bit encryption - keeps your voice, video, and data streaming secure.

Future Proof

Use our massive suite of SDKs to enable your developers to quickly add support for your next platform or device in less time than ever before. 


Drill into granular connection statistics for each audio and video connection and get the insights your team needs to make their apps better.

Video and Voice Chat

Communicate with your team, coworkers, family, patients, or friends in real time at the video and audio quality you choose.


Access our suite of collaboration tools with LiveSwitch Cloud. Share ideas effectively. Create content with your peers. 

Screen Share

Share screens easily between devices, browsers, and hardware, and collaborate with global teams in real-time.

Cloud Based

Let us do the heavy lifting for you with fully-managed, fully-hosted, scalable video conferencing infrastructure.

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Use Cases

Telehealth Video Consultation

Telehealth Video Consultations

Connect physicians with patients with HIPAA-compliant video visits. Integrate LiveSwitch Cloud with existing infrastructure and EMRs.

Video Customer Service Platform

Customer Service and Sales Support

Enable customers to make informed purchase decisions with online video customer service. Solve issues in real-time and add personalization with video.

Live Video for Recruitment and Hiring

Recruitment and Workforce Management

Allow stunning live video feeds to enlighten your interview processes. Streamline your specific hiring needs and onboarding practices for global workforces.

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