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Unlock the power of personalized financial Services. 

Create a personalized customer experience that your clients will not forget with voice, video and chat messaging.

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Exceptional financial Services.  Anywhere. Anytime. 

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Accessible on any device

We support the widest range of platforms so that you can connect with your customers on the devices they use the most. 

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Internet as the backbone

Don't be limited by your telephony-based service. Leverage the cost-saving  power of the internet to easily add video capabilities to a voice-only call center. 

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Call Analytics

Easily integrate call center voice & video event capture with your favorite analytics engine so that you can continually improve user experience.

Need help building your financial Services platform?

Let our team of experts do the heavy lifting for you. 

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Personalized financial experiences

Create a highly tailored and interactive online banking and wealth management experience for your customers.

LiveSwitch's powerful suite of real-time collaboration tools allow your advisers to build and maintain personal relationships with your clients while guiding them through all of their banking and portfolio management needs.

“For the last 8 years, working with the services and implementation team at LiveSwitch Software has been an excellent experience. They have repeatedly and consistently been available to us to support our 24x7 operation, enabling our platform to experience massive and sustainable growth.”

Eileen Hanson
Director of Operations, ApexChat

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Discover how LiveSwitch from Frozen Mountain is transforming the face of customer service.

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