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Get more done. Anytime. Anywhere.

Connect your workforce with deeper online  collaboration and increased efficiency.

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Collaborate within your conference.

LiveSwitch is a highly flexible, fully-managed CPaaS platform, designed to host collaborative multi-party video experiences.

Increase productivity

Work smarter, not harder. With LiveSwitch's collaborative capabilities and proactive information sharing you can help streamline communication and align your team in the pursuit of a common goal.

Global Teamwork

Create workplace synergy within your teams regardless of distance. With the ability to communicate in real-time and collaborate on projects, team members can build rapport and trust in a globally dispersed workforce.

Innovative Solutions

Tap into the creativity and ingenuity of your team. LiveSwitch's powerful conferencing capabilities, integrations and collaboration tools can help to spark new ideas and different points of view.

Collaborate your way.

collaborate - video conference

Video Conference

Build relationships and trust across distances with video conferencing.

collaborate - screen sharing

Share your screen.

Deepen knowledge and facilitate understanding with screen sharing.

collaborate - text chat

Real-Time Chat 

Collaborate easily and efficiently with real-time chat messaging.

collaborate - file sharing

Transfer files.

Send files easily from within your video conference.

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Use Cases

ARVR collaboration

Augmented & Virtual Reality

Share virtual and augmented reality experiences in real-time with parties anywhere in the world. With the secure transfer of audio, video and any sort of data, you can create the collaborative multi-party experiences that you want.

construction field service

Remote Field Service

Build communication channels between industry experts and field service technicians. With the ability to talk, share files and any sort of data, organizations can help decrease time to resolution without costly travel or secondary appointments.

meeting conference

Online Team Collaboration

Bring your remote workforce together in an online collaboration- rich video conferencing environment. Team members can work together face-to-face from virtually anywhere allowing your organization to solve problems without increased travel expenses.

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