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Live Interactive Video Streaming

Stream. Interact. Engage.

Deliver massive interactive live video streaming experiences and share in real-time to any audience on any device around the world. 

Go further with live audience interactions.

Create the real-time interactive features you need to engage your audience and leave the ultra low-latency video, voice, and data streaming infrastructure to us to manage. 

Real-Time Audience Engagement Video Platform
Reliable Video Streaming Platform for Live Communications

Video streaming infrastructure that's ready for you.

When you're on the ground covering breaking news, rest easy with a rock-solid video streaming platform with a 99.9%* uptime guarantee.  Earn your audience's trust with reliable video streaming.

Do more with video.

Break the boundaries of interactive live video streaming with a platform that your development team can customize.

Live Video Broadcasting Audience Chat Feature

Add video chat support across all platforms.

Bring your audience members into the conversation with video chat.

Live Feedback From Audience for Video Streaming

Adapt your broadcast with real-time data.

Adapt your broadcast in real-time based on audience feedback. 

Live Text Chat Features for Community Engagement

Engage your communities interactively.

Add interactive text chat features to your live video streaming application and foster engagement.

Add Polling Features For Video Broadcasts and Streams

Create interactive polling features.

Increase the attentiveness of your audience and engage with them in real-time.

Live Video Streaming Experiences Branding

Bring your ideal live video streaming application to life.

Develop your live video streaming application with LiveSwitch Cloud, and build features and interfaces on top that engage your audience. 

Stand out from the crowd.

Get ahead of Discord, Twitch, and other players and redefine what large scale interactive live video streaming can do. 

Scale Up

Grow with your audience and stream unlimited video, voice, and data right into the palms of your audience's hands.  

Monitor Feeds

Monitor your audience's connections to gain real-time insights. Continuously improve the performance of your application and increase engagement rates.

Ultra Low Latency

Reduce latency and eliminate lag induced spoilers - no matter what kind of streaming they're participating in.


Connect to the largest range of browsers, platforms and devices including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Hololens, MagicLeap, RaspberryPi and more.

Connect Instantly

Downloads not necessary. Enable your audience to tune in and participate in your live video stream without having to download any plugins or install any software. 

Communicate Securely

Keep customer data safe with the highest levels of security including SSL, TLS, DTLS, with 256 bit encryption.

Get your development team on board.

Use Cases

Distance Education Video Streaming

Education & Seminars

Let your seminars stand out with LiveSwitch's stunning video quality and powerful collaboration tools. Keep your students coming back for more.

Sports and Entertainment Video Streaming

Sports & Entertainment

Leverage LiveSwitch's impressive video quality and content sharing tools to create interactive entertainment experiences that will get your audience pumped.

Conference and Webinar Video Streaming

Conferences & Webinars

Take your conference or event anywhere with LiveSwitch Cloud. Make industry events interactive and drive greater levels of audience participation.

Go big with LiveSwitch Cloud.

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