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Pushing Boundaries with Social Gambling

Jacob Steele Sep 15, 2022 4:06:24 PM

I challenge you to watch an entire sporting event at home without picking up your phone. It might start out easy, but when that big goal happens, the urge to share that moment with a friend will take over.

The online casino and gambling industry has for the most part has been an individualized experience. Sitting alone on the couch or walled off from your friends staring down at your mobile device. But this trend is slowly changing with the emergence of technologies that make it possible to connect users in different ways at scale without breaking the bank. One such popular technology is WebRTC.

WebRTC allows for very low latency connections between groups of users and broadcasters that can exchange; audio, video and data without the need for additional plugins or downloads. This means users inside of your application can connect through a server to each other and pass data around in real time. Connections could be made in small groups (watch parties) or very large groups. The data passed around could be video and voice chats, text chats, polls, quizzes, stats, reactions and much more. LiveSwitch also opens the door to broadcast a stream directly to your visitors in sub-second latency, anything from a live game to a slot machine or dealers. 

The next generation of gamblers have grown up having social experiences online as a large part of their lifestyle. Everything from WhatsApp, Facebook, TikTok and more are always at their fingertips. Yet most gambling experiences fall short of providing a truly social space where users can interact, play together and share in success.

Playing together, watching together and interacting together are just some of the ways online gambling companies are pushing the boundaries and creating experiences users are more engaged with and using for longer periods of time.