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LiveSwitch and OVA Partner to Enable Remote Assistance in the Metaverse

Jackie Drumm Sep 6, 2022 11:51:47 AM

Raleigh, NC and Surrey, BC, September 6, 2022 - LiveSwitch announced their partnership with OVA, a metaverse technology company, to power the live streamed video and audio in their clients’ immersive training, inspection and skill-building experiences.

OVA provides no-code, metaverse creation and remote assistance solutions. Organizations such as Nikon, Bombardier and the Royal Canadian Navy use OVA’s products for augmented reality (AR) remote assistance and immersive skill-building experiences creation. 

“We have selected LiveSwitch for the reliability and scalability of their technology to support our cross-platform remote assistance solution,” said Pierre-Luc Lapointe, Director of XR research at OVA.

The LiveSwitch live video SDK works across platforms and devices, including Microsoft HoloLens mixed-reality headsets, which was a draw for OVA. 

OVA’s clients have used their solutions to:

  • Develop an immersive simulation space that reproduces the dangers faced by line workers in order to make hands-on training more accessible and safe. 
  • Create a collaborative virtual reality (VR) experience that allows firefighters to get hands-on training in life-like environments that replicate emergency situations.
  • Digitize the inspection and repair processes for aircraft by leveraging AR, allowing operators to quickly locate potential defects.

“OVA is showing us the real potential of the metaverse as a life-saving, time-saving way for people to collaborate, learn and have new experiences,” said Jerod Venema, CEO of LiveSwitch. “We are proud to partner with them to enable the video and audio in their virtual spaces, whether they’re accessed through AR headsets or other devices. It’s exciting to see all of the innovative applications of their technology,” Venema added. 

In addition to supporting development for HoloLens devices, LiveSwitch’s SDK, built on WebRTC, allows developers to build and deploy cutting edge interactive streaming applications on web, Android, iOS, Unity and other platforms. LiveSwitch serves the needs of many clients, like OVA, who are building solutions to enable remote assistance, repair and inspections in the metaverse. Additional LiveSwitch clients in this space include Honeywell, Thales and Deutsche Telekom, among others. 

About LiveSwitch

LiveSwitch provides critical video infrastructure that powers the most engaging and interactive real-time communications and entertainment experiences on the web. Lightning fast and a game changer. This is achieved through LiveSwitch’s reliable enterprise-grade live video streaming platform that enables businesses to embed flexible, secure, scalable and high-quality interactive video, audio and data on nearly any device with ultra-low latency. Visit to learn more.

About OVA

OVA is a pioneer in AI-enabled immersive software development. With its industrial and academic partners, OVA helps industries and businesses become the best version of themselves by improving team collaboration, streamlining business operations, and more.Their ultimate mission: make XR accessible to just anybody and everybody.

StellarX, OVA’s powerful collaborative sandbox, empowers anyone to create their own immersive environments and simulations. Simply drag-and-drop, grab and go, point and click, or set it and forget it. You name it, consider it done — without code. Visit to learn more.