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LiveSwitch Build in 2024

Oliver Hargreaves Dec 14, 2023 3:41:41 PM

We are excited about what we have in store for 2024 here at LiveSwitch Build! As the development-centered division of LiveSwitch, we are focusing on improving the developer experience and taking on a more active role in the WebRTC community. We have spoken to our customers, industry experts, and WebRTC developers and have integrated the feedback into our strategy for the coming year.

Before we jump into our exciting new features, we have one quick update on our team structure. It is important for us that we set our customers up for success as they develop innovative solutions for their businesses. With this in mind, our Software Development Kit (SDK) business (our WebRTC-based platform) and our Professional Services business (composed of a team of WebRTC experts) will now be housed under a unified team: LiveSwitch Build. This is a structure that has formed organically as we walk alongside our customers throughout their real-time streaming journey. We are excited to have such a strong team that’s poised and focused on helping our customers build the applications of their dreams.

As part of this new focus, a key initiative for LiveSwitch Build is to empower our customers and those looking to join the real-time video streaming community with information that will help them make the best decisions for their businesses and projects. We are committed to sharing how real-time video can be used today, the benefits of adding real-time video, and offering some creative visions for what might be possible in the coming years.

We will also be rolling out a series of starter applications for our three core platforms: Web (JavaScript), iOS, and Android. Each of these starter applications will be open sourced and serve as a template to guide our users as they create their own streaming applications. In addition to this, we will be releasing weekly blog posts that demonstrate the flexibility of the LiveSwitch SDK in a diverse set of use cases. Over the course of the year, we aim to provide a brand new, enhanced experience to our customers, making them more confident and supported in building innovative products for their businesses.

We are also happy to announce that we will be improving our core platform in a number of ways. Our first key area of focus is to enable additional broadcast-based use cases on the LiveSwitch Build platform. Major streaming companies such as YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram have shown the value of live content and the ability to connect directly with an audience. We intend to improve our system performance with this use case and incorporate additional functionality that allows broadcasting to be more accessible to LiveSwitch customers.

We will also be expanding how media is streamed using LiveSwitch Build. We are planning on launching an atypical form of streaming that will open the door to some interesting use cases outside of traditional WebRTC scenarios. For our customers looking to do more with less, we will also be adding a new volume-based connection, which will improve end-user experiences.

Our last major push will be around virtual and augmented reality applications. With Meta releasing their Quest 3 headset and Apple getting ready to launch their Vision Pro headset, LiveSwitch wants to help bring the real world to your virtual experience. We are opening new paths to leverage our development kits to support AR/VR applications, focusing on enhancing performance and user-friendliness to create a great developer experience for those working on these applications.

We are excited for the changes we will be making in 2024 and we can’t wait to collaborate with our current and future customers. As we grow and expand, our commitment is to consistently provide a powerful, flexible, and developer-friendly video platform and deliver it with the utmost care and attention from our dedicated LiveSwitch Build team.

We look forward to the great things we’ll do together in 2024,

LiveSwitch Build Team