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LiveSwitch Announces Support for .NET MAUI

Jacob Steele Jul 13, 2023 2:36:02 PM

We are dedicated to staying ahead of the technology trends here at LiveSwitch, so we are very excited to announce that we now support .NET MAUI! This offers our customers a way to build live audio and video enterprise solutions using MAUI. C# can be used to develop incredible mobile applications using our award-winning enterprise WebRTC SDK that is built from the ground up, and is accompanied by outstanding support packages!


Who is LiveSwitch?

LiveSwitch is a WebRTC-focused company offering enterprise solutions for WebRTC to companies aiming to build multi-platform applications or products. Developed from the ground up by our team of engineers, LiveSwitch provides a unique blend of flexibility and features within its core SDK offering while abstracting away the complexities of WebRTC. Teams will feel free from the confines of our SDK as it aims to provide developers access to do anything they need while giving a quick-to-market solution for companies looking to leverage existing API calls. 


What is MAUI?

MAUI is a cross-platform development framework that allows developers to build applications for mobile and desktop using C# and XAML. MAUI enables developers to create a single application that can be run on many platforms, including iOS and Android, significantly reducing the development time and maintenance costs of building and maintaining a separate application for each platform. 


LiveSwitch MAUI Support

LiveSwitch now fully supports MAUI for iOS and Android. LiveSwitch’s offering includes our enterprise support packages tailored to businesses seeking to ensure a successful rollout and long-term operation of their products.

Customers can now test our MAUI C# .NET sample applications for free. Start with a LiveSwitch Cloud trial account, and develop your next app with MAUI. 


Need assistance in architecting the perfect WebRTC application? Let our team help out! Get in touch with us today!