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Driving Engagement with Interactive Virtual Showrooms

Jerod Venema Aug 9, 2022 6:43:34 PM

Back in 2010, I had a conversation with the owners of an auto dealership that sold high-end luxury vehicles. They were using a live chat service one of our customers was providing, and were considering the most effective way to turn website traffic into paying customers. In particular, the comment they made was that their sales team was highly effective, but only when the customers were in the showroom. At the time, live chat with an option to convert to a phone call was the best option, so that’s where they landed.

Fast forward to 2022, and we’re seeing a significant shift in auto sales. Led by Tesla, you can now purchase your vehicle directly from the manufacturer. What does this mean for the direct sales team that previously manned the showroom? And for the business, is value being left on the table because customers simply don’t know or understand the product?

This same challenge applies to a number of industries, not just auto dealerships. With ecommerce, many purchases happen online with no intervention. But this leaves out a lot of the high-value extras, not because they aren’t valuable, but because there are times when a guided buying experience is, quite simply, better. 

Today, businesses we are working with are tackling this challenge directly by creating engaging virtual experiences for their clients and prospects. Either by providing a one-to-one premium shopping experience on the brand's website, where a customer is walked through the purchasing process on video, or through a one-to-many show led by an expert or influencer, end customers are provided with an engaging, real-time, interactive experience, and businesses are able to get up close to their customer, wherever they are located. We even have businesses delivering digital twin solutions, using the beloved “metaverse” to drive new product launches and allow customers to engage with products virtually in 3D space.

Live commerce is not some fancy idea for the future, it’s here today and it’s driving real results. What’s your plan?