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What Adobe and Other LiveSwitch Clients Are Saying in 2022

Jackie Drumm Apr 26, 2022 9:15:39 AM

The first quarter of 2022 has come and gone and spring is upon us in North America. As hope for the end of the pandemic hits a new high, everyone is eager to see what the future of work, entertainment and socializing will look like. At LiveSwitch, we don’t have a crystal ball—but if the cutting edge work of our clients is any indication, interactive, live video communication is only going to become more important.

LiveSwitch provides an enterprise-grade live video streaming platform that enables businesses to incorporate flexible, scalable, and high-quality interactive live video on nearly any smart device. Clients choose LiveSwitch because of the information security and flexibility we provide.

Here’s what some of our clients are doing in 2022 and what they’re saying about LiveSwitch:


We’re helping Adobe modernize Adobe Connect, the company’s live virtual learning and webinar delivery platform. Adobe is leveraging LiveSwitch’s scalable live video streaming solution to enable real-time video engagement within Adobe Connect.

“Modernizing Adobe Connect to improve the audio and video experience for our customers has been an important step for us. LiveSwitch was a great technology choice, given its maturity and widespread adoption for efficient audio and video streaming over a wide range of devices and network conditions. Partnership with LiveSwitch allowed us to leverage their expertise with WebRTC to get up and running successfully and quickly. They’ve been terrific partners – responsive, knowledgeable, and flexible.”

- Chris Tennant, Lead Server Architect for Adobe Connect


LiveSwitch is powering IDnow’s electronic identity verification, meeting the remote banking needs of today’s consumers. We are working with IDnow to power the live video within its VideoIdent solution, which allows people to verify their identities electronically through video calls with qualified identity and fraud specialists 24-hours a day.

“The Liveswitch technology is a fundamental framework for our video streaming solution. It provides a high-quality video stream with low latency and instantly adapts to bandwidth changes, packet loss, or disconnects. We especially value its cross-platform support, allowing us to use a single solution for web, mobile, and backend.”

- Dmitry Simonov, Tech Lead at IDnow

Naardic and MotionVibe

We’re streaming live, interactive video for the virtual fitness solutions provided by Naardic and MotionVibe, which remain in high demand despite the re-opening of fitness centers.

LiveSwitch enables the livestreaming of fitness classes within MotionVibe’s fitness platform, which gyms and fitness centers use to create branded fitness apps for their members.  

"MotionVibe chose LiveSwitch for the platform's range of features and flexibility in building seamlessly within our own application. They have also been a true partner in supporting our technology initiatives from planning to development to product launch.”

- Nick Cross, CEO and Founder of MotionVibe

We also enable the interactive classes provided by Naardic, a real-time online gym with AI-powered rep-counting, avatar functionality and more.

“We tried other commercially available media servers, but only LiveSwitch could provide the scale combined with flexibility we needed. Working with the LiveSwitch team has been a breeze during our development.”

- Arnulf Refsnes, CEO and Co-Founder of Naardic Training and Agilis

Shocap Entertainment and Couple.TV

In 2022, we’re also the engine behind the immersive and interactive entertainment experiences provided by Shocap Entertainment and Couple.TV.

Shocap is working with LiveSwitch to scale the “LiViCi” (Live and Virtual Circus) platform’s 4-Audience Model. This enables the performances to be experienced simultaneously by audiences in the physical venue, online via livestream, in a 3D virtual world multiplayer game and immersively in virtual reality (VR) through Oculus VR headsets.

“By partnering with LiveSwitch and with the flexibility of their engine, it provides our high-end XR live entertainment projects with advanced livestream capabilities to enable a smooth digital experience for the enjoyment of global audiences. Their teams’ expertise in simplifying the intricacies involved in handling real-time motion capture data taken from the performances of live actors into the Unreal Engine is paramount in delivering synchronized believable virtual characters and shows. We’re thrilled to augment our events to new audiences and into the metaverse, and LiveSwitch is helping us achieve that.”

- Athomas Goldberg, Executive Director of Shocap Entertainment

“Couple.TV” (CoupleTV), the first ever online reality dating show, where social media influencers meet and speed date live, uses LiveSwitch’s WebRTC livestreaming technology to broadcast the innovative show and allow viewers to interact in real time.

“We chose LiveSwitch because we needed a broadcast partner that could livestream the show and all of the dates simultaneously with sub-second latency. In order to achieve the interactivity we planned for CoupleTV, like real-time chat and voting, there couldn't be any discernible delay between the live dates and the broadcast of those dates. We found that capability with LiveSwitch. The LiveSwitch team is great and the technology will readily scale with us.”

- Ryan Beswick, CEO of Couple

By using LiveSwitch’s cross-platform Software Development Kits (SDKs), built on WebRTC, our customers are leveraging live video to enable groundbreaking applications in live entertainment, education, video conferencing, augmented reality, telehealth, virtual events, gaming and more. LiveSwitch uniquely provides the flexibility that allows clients the freedom to develop and deliver innovative video solutions free from typical constraints.