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Adaptive Simulcast for Video Conferencing

Michelle Chen Jul 10, 2020 2:52:51 PM
Adaptive Live Video Streaming With Intelligent Simulcast and Video / Audio Conferencing

In these unprecedented times, many organizations are scrambling to find better ways to operate remotely and must develop video conferencing apps that do more than Skype, Zoom, or similar platforms can do out of the box.

To do our part to help, LiveSwitch Inc. has been quite busy lately accelerating our product roadmaps to ensure clients can receive the best possible video conferencing experience on the LiveSwitch Cloud platform. With the release of LiveSwitch 1.9.0. now underpinning LiveSwitch Cloud, we've added an incredible feature set that makes enterprise-class video conferencing even more accessible than ever before.

Introducing Adaptive Simulcast

While simulcast has been available in previous versions of LiveSwitch, the 1.9.0 release provides a powerful new feature for developers we refer to as Adaptive Simulcast.  Working in tandem with a new Automatic Bandwidth Estimation feature, this dynamic, real-time stream switching wizardry ensures video qualities remain tailored to each participant’s network conditions. 

Adaptive WebRTC and Live Video Streaming for Audio and Video Channels


Infographic Depicting simulcast and SFU and MCU stream feature availability for LiveSwitch Server


Benefits of Adaptive Simulcast and Intelligent Video and Audio Streaming for Large Scale Video Conferences

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