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Celebrating 10 Years of Excellence in Real-Time Communications

Jerod Venema Jan 1, 2019 11:40:00 AM

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Ten years ago, LiveSwitch Inc. (Formerly Frozen Mountain) was founded with the goal of creating industry leading, enterprise class software that could change the way we interact with the world. Ten years and a ton of innovation later, we are happy to say that that commitment to excellence still remains.  

Below we have compiled some of our greatest successes from the last 10 years. As we look back, we would like to thank all of our customers and employees. Without your support we would not be where we are today. Thank you!

10th anniversary infographic(final)

The last 10 years have been an incredible experience and the next 10 promise to be just as exciting. Stay tuned for all that 2019 and beyond have in store.

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