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Bring the world together with flexible live voice and video
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Best-in-class video under all conditions.

LiveSwitch Cloud is a highly flexible, fully managed, enterprise-grade, live video broadcasting platform. With stunning video quality and exceptional access to real-time metrics, reports and integrations, LiveSwitch Cloud is the smart choice for your business.

Discover how LiveSwitch's unparalleled flexibility can transform your unique video use case.

Incredible possibilities.

Text Captioning
Live Translation
Easy Recording

The most flexible live video API in the industry creates countless integration opportunities.  Let our team do the heavy lifting for you so that you can focus on what matters — your customers.

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Go big. Broadcast to the masses.

Start small, scale up huge

Connect with your audience through large scale internet broadcasting.

Blow your audience away

Create loyal customers through rich and reliable live video experiences.

Learn what makes them tick

Discover audience trends through our elegant dashboard and comprehensive user reports. 

Who it's for.

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Save time, look like a hero. Try our client SDKs that work with the industry's widest range of platforms.

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IT Managers

Your data at your fingertips. Monitor active sessions and report historical metrics so you can steer your organization to success.

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Think out-of-the-box. Connect your customers with capabilities from our ever growing list of custom integrations.

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Secure voice, video, & data anywhere.

Enterprise-grade encryption

Gain your customers confidence with stringent security standards including TLS, SRTP, and 256 bit encryption.

Crystal clear audio & video

Give your audience the best possible experience with 24-bit audio and your choice of SD, HD or 4K video.

Powerful APIs & SDKs

Save valuable time with our robust APIs and SDKs  so you can focus on the building the experience your customers want.


Interact with viewers and presenters in real-time with ultra-low latency in large interactive internet broadcasts.


Align your team with a collaborative online environment for sharing information and ideas. 


Create high-quality, low latency video calls of any size within your own applications.

Large scale broadcasting.

No more spoilers. 

LiveSwitch Cloud enables broadcasters to create large scale interactive experiences that drive user engagement and win audiences for life.

  • Share your content in real-time.
  • Reduce barriers to remote expert participation.
  • Easily record content for redistribution. 
  • Extend your broadcast to an unlimited audience without sacrificing quality.

Perfect for anything from educational events and presentations to live sporting events and quiz shows.

More About Broadcasting

Collaborative multi-party experiences.

Bring ideas to life.

LiveSwitch Cloud has a rich array of collaborative possibilities that will help your team come together across distances. 

  • Screen sharing
  • White boarding
  • Data transfer
  • and more!

Ideal for globally distributed teams who are looking for ways to increase participation, make better decisions and build deeper trust.

More About Collaboration

Interactive video conferencing.

Connecting people across the globe.

LiveSwitch Cloud allows you to build multi-party video conferences within your own application.

  • High quality video under all network conditions.
  • Fully scalable conferences from one-to-many.
  • End-to-end encryption for your peace of mind.
  • Powerful integrations to take your conferences to the next level.

Designed for even the most unique edge case, LiveSwitch Cloud's unparalleled flexibility allows you to build the conferencing experience you desire.

More About Conferencing

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