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Live Video APIs for Conferencing and Streaming

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Build better applications with flexible live voice and video.
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Stream live video on all browsers, devices, and hardware.

Build live video streaming applications for the platforms that your audience uses. Go to market faster with flexible, cross-platform APIs designed with developers in mind.

Live Video APIs for all Platforms

Manage your video and voice applications.

Manage all your streaming connections in one place and easily customize feeds with a single click. See your audience's connection performance as you stream in real-time, and dig deeper with telemetry and analytics.

Scale with your audience.

Use our centralized dashboard to manage your streaming channels no matter how many are connecting, from one to many thousands. See where your users are joining from and personalize your interactions even further.

Scalable Live Video APIs for Developers

Live video for all use cases.

Live Streaming

Stream live video broadcasts to the masses and interact with your audience your way to get them coming back for more.

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Video Conferencing

Host video conferences for as many participants as you need, from small groups to thousands. Impress your participants with up to 4K HD video.

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Connect with your global team easily on any device, browser, and hardware, and collaborate online with a feature-rich video platform.

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The live video streaming platform API designed for developers.

Dive into the API

Establish your first video connection in minutes with our tutorial and example libraries. Then use our documentation to get started faster.

Get to market faster

Reduce your development timeline with a massive range of client libraries that help developers spend less time figuring out languages, and more time coding.

Get expert support

Climb the learning curve of working with a live video API with help from experts. Tap into the brilliant minds of our customer support team or leverage our Professional Services team.

Live Video Streaming WebRTC API Libraries
Live Video API and Platform SDKs

Develop with LiveSwitch Cloud.

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Live Video Streaming Professional Services Team

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