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Flexible group sizes for remote education

From one-on-one sessions to group broadcasts, LiveSwitch's flexible design allows educators to conduct live interactive remote training sessions for any group size without sacrificing connection quality.

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Your virtual classroom on any device

Provide your students with a consistent and engaging educational experience across desktops, tablets, and smartphones. LiveSwitch's extensive cross-platform support enables you to build an educational platform that looks great on any device. 

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Reach students in remote locations 

Open up online educational opportunities to students in remote locations or with poor internet connections. LiveSwitch's unique hybrid architecture allows educators to balance connection quality and cost while expanding their reach to students all over the world. 

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Maximum Collaboration


Screen Sharing

Keep everyone on the same page with screen sharing.

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Chat Rooms

Collaborate easily and efficiently with real-time chat messaging.

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White Boarding 

Deepen knowledge and facilitate understanding with white boarding.

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File Transfer

Send files easily from within your educational platform.


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Hand Raising

Silently signal the teacher when a student has a question. 

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Breakout Rooms

Conduct collaborative small group project work in breakout rooms.
"LiveSwitch was integral in getting our online video education platform up and running. Without the support we received from Frozen Mountain, we would not have been able to pull this feat off."

Jason Stoll
Lead Architect, EF

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