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Secure Video Conferencing App Platform With API and SDK Access

Build secure live video conferencing apps.

Give your team access to our enterprise-grade live video API and SDKs. Build better apps today.

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LiveSwitch Video Platform

Trusted By Telehealth Companies, Banking Institutions, and Cybersecurity Companies

When off-the-shelf video conferencing platforms don't cut it anymore, it's time to go enterprise for professionally-backed, fully customizable live video APIs and SDKs that your team can incorporate into your video conferencing applications.

Live Video Meeting App Launch

Get to market faster.

Get your team building and deploying live video applications faster. Let our enterprise live video SDKs do the heavy lifting.

Secure Live Video Meetings

Conference securely.

Be in charge of your video and voice chat data. Ensure app compliancy with HIPAA and GDPR by establishing end-to-end encryption.

Enterprise Pricing for Organizations

Pricing that makes sense.

Get your team access to our SDKs, API, full telemetry dashboard, expert support team, and cloud infrastructure starting at $19/mo.

Secure video conferencing for any use case.

Leverage our live video platform for completely customizable protection. Enable your team to satisfy GDPR, HIPAA, and virtually all other standards and regulations by adding end-to-end video encryption easily.

Encrypted Video Call Meetings

Access video conferencing telemetry at an instant.

Designed with your organization's needs in mind. Make intelligent decisions in real-time about your sessions with our telemetry dashboard. 

Live Video Analytics Telemetry Dashboard

Seriously flexible. Future-proof video conferencing.

Launch video conferencing applications on the widest range of platforms, devices, and browsers to date. Get your team going faster with our extensive live video libraries.

Secure Video Conferencing Apps On All Devices

There's more.

LiveSwitch Cloud is designed for developers and optimized for businesses. 

Optimize Channel Broadcasts

Use the console to easily set up audio and video restrictions for specific features.

Monitor Audiences

Understand your users. Then drill down even more and segment behaviors by channel.

Toggle Bandwidth

Manage your users' streaming experience with a simple click of a button. Control bandwidth based on user devices. 

Enable Simulcast

Provide the best possible experience for each participant, regardless of their network conditions.

Geo-Location Insights

Monitor where your users are connecting from,  and understand them better in real-time.

Concurrent Sessions

See real-time statistics with live graphs displaying how your users are connecting.


Seriously flexible and secure live video for video conferencing.

It's the best of both worlds, but don't just take our word for it. Limitless end-users for a low monthly price. Enterprise plans available.

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Complementary Check-in

At the start of your trial, a member of our customer success team will touch base and provide a complimentary check-in to see how you are doing.

Take the Tour

We've created a quick tour of the LiveSwitch Cloud console, including a live code example, to get you up and running faster. 

Looking for customer support?  Please visit support to submit your requests.

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