Webinar: Livestreaming Trends During the Pandemic and Beyond

The Latest in our Monthly Series of Webinars for CTOs and Executives

One of many seismic shifts that took place during the pandemic has been the influx of livestreaming events and concerts; and even as lockdowns begin to ease in many parts of the world, livestreamed and hybrid events don't seem to be going away any time soon. 

In the first edition of our monthly webinar series, Jerod Venema, CEO of LiveSwitch, and CJ Davis, EVP of Virtual Seat, discuss trends in livestreaming, live video broadcasting, and hybrid events during the pandemic and beyond. 


Jerod Venema
CEO of LiveSwitch


CJ Davis
EVP of Virtual Seat

LiveSwitch and Virtual Seat (from The Famous Group) have partnered together to create immersive fan experiences for the WWE, Golden State Warriors, and many more. In this webinar, they will present their findings as leaders in the livestreaming and hybrid event spaces. 

Join us on August 31st at 12pm PT / 3pm ET for an enlightening 30-minute conversation that reveals industry insights for CTOs and Executives!