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Connect with your audience instantly.

Share your message in real time, on any device, from anywhere in the world.

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Interact with your viewers.

Keep your audience coming back for more with exciting new ways to interact and engage with your broadcast audience in real-time. 

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Live streaming made easy. 

Whether you are chasing hard-hitting news or social views, our all-in-one live video streaming solution will allow you to easily connect to your audience in real-time.

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Your message on a massive scale.

Provide a seamless experience for your viewers no matter the audience size. No more lags, just great broadcasts.

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The Interactive Difference

Connect with your audience like never before. 

broadcasting - talk to your audience

Talk to your viewers in real-time.

Bring your audience members into the conversation with video chat.

Broadcasting - Real-Time Feedback

Receive real-time feedback. 

Adapt your broadcast in real-time based on audience feedback. 

broadcasting - text chat

Interactive chat messaging.

Create community in your broadcast by adding text chat.

Broadcasting - polling

Poll your audience members.

Increase the attentiveness of your viewers by adding audience polling.


LiveSwitch is a fully-managed, highly flexible CPaaS platform, capable of building unique large-scale interactive broadcast experiences.


Record and store any portion of your broadcast for on-demand viewing. 


Gain insight into your customers viewing behavior in real-time so that you can create content that matters to them.


Keep your customer data safe with the highest levels of security including SSL, TLS, DTLS, with 256 bit encryption.

Platform Support

Connect to the largest range of browsers and platforms including Windows, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux,  UWP, Java, and Xamarin.


Seamlessly embed the broadcasting capabilities you want into your application with LiveSwitch's flexible APIs. 


Let us do the heavy lifting for you with a fully-managed, fully-hosted, scalable video broadcasting solution.

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Use Cases


Education & Seminars

Build online educational experiences that will stand apart from the rest. Through LiveSwitch's stunning video quality and powerful suite of collaboration tools, you can provide enhanced distance learning experiences that will keep students coming back for more. 


Sports & Entertainment

 Create the ultimate backstage pass with LiveSwitch. By leveraging its impressive video quality and vast array of content sharing tools, you can create a one-of-a-kind interactive entertainment experience that will be buzzed about everywhere.


Conferences & Webinars

Bring your conference or event home with Liveswitch. Create interactive industry events that will drive greater levels of audience participation while maintaining the conference quality.

Find out more about how LiveSwitch Cloud can help with large scale broadcasting.

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